Our Story

EIWIL, short for Enjoy It While It Lasts, is an eco-inspired photoprint apparel brand that fuses fashion and art in the name of philanthropy. A nod to the ephemerality of life and our planet, eiwil partners with photo artists across the globe ​to bring to life their unique, exclusive collections in ready-to-wear.

Hand-selecting each participating artist, the eiwil team creates a collection of signature photographs, which are thoughtfully rendered to best suit our garments. Using photo-specific and workout-friendly fabrics, we hand-place and sublimate the imagery on each respective garment with organic dyes to bring the photograph to life in a distinctive and meaningful way.

A percentage of each eiwil piece gives back to the photo-artist community and contributes to relevant global initiatives, humanitarian causes, and ecological issues in the world today.

Eiwil is about a story–our story–to (fashionably and artfully) rise above the challenges we face in the world today and stand up as one people for our most important resources: earth, nature, wildlife, and each other.

Alejandro Montaner Dobón

The eye of the beholder is one of the main conceptual approaches that Alex gives his abstract works. Through a cheeky palette of playful and primary colors, his work shows the struggle between reality, emotions and experience itself. Those who look at his work will see something different and can appreciate the colors, shapes or simply the fact that it makes them think.

The works incorporate collages, mixed media and paintings - developing and manipulating their personal experiences, emotions and fictional beliefs to create something that asks the beholder to look inside themselves in a psychiatric and primitive way. With a frenetic and almost rough technique with paint volumes shaping the organized chaos, he shows his own different approach to reality where the expression of the brushstrokes serve as the aesthetic connection to nostalgia.

Alex Montaner was born in Valencia, Spain, in 1989. He studied Fashion Design and Design Management in Barcelona. After his studies and work in different fields of design, he started working as a self-taught artist in his studio at London. 

Particularly obsessed with trying to create and experiment with different dark concepts such a sadness, melancholy or nightmares to portray his own fears to the observer. 

Prior Eiwil Generations

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