Our Story

EIWIL, short for Enjoy It While It Lasts, is an eco-inspired photoprint apparel brand that fuses fashion and art in the name of philanthropy. A nod to the ephemerality of life and our planet, eiwil partners with photo artists across the globe ​to bring to life their unique, exclusive collections in ready-to-wear.

Hand-selecting each participating artist, the eiwil team creates a collection of signature photographs, which are thoughtfully rendered to best suit our garments. Using photo-specific and workout-friendly fabrics, we hand-place and sublimate the imagery on each respective garment with organic dyes to bring the photograph to life in a distinctive and meaningful way.

A percentage of each eiwil piece gives back to the photo-artist community and contributes to relevant global initiatives, humanitarian causes, and ecological issues in the world today.

Eiwil is about a story–our story–to (fashionably and artfully) rise above the challenges we face in the world today and stand up as one people for our most important resources: earth, nature, wildlife, and each other.

Anjeliki Jackson

Hailing from Greece, Anjeliki Jackson is an award-winning multimedia designer and photo-editor living in Queens, New York. Drawing on street art and city life for photographic inspiration, Anjelicki plays with geometrics and texture amidst evocative life moments to produce arresting images filled with depth and emotion. With nearly 130,000 followers on instagram, Anjeliki (astrodub) is a top New York City photographer, volunteer, and an exclusive eiwil partner. 10%-at-cost of her collection pieces will be donated to respective New York-city and health-based charities.

Professor Charles Benton

Environmental Design professor at UC Berkeley, Charles Benton pioneered a movement in photography by suspending a camera from a kite to capture birds-eye images, now formally called Kite Aerial Photography (KAP.) Specifically focusing on a geographically-rich area of the San Francisco Bay called the Cargill Salt Ponds, Charles captured time-specific and exclusive photographs, having been granted special key-access to this region, which is now restricted and being restored today. The author of Saltscapes : The Kite Aerial Photography of Charles Benton, Charles draws on the architecture within nature, its vivid, striking colors, and natural landscape face to inspire his ‘otherworldly’ photographs. Through unique KAP technique, Charles was able to transform the earth into awe-inspiring and inimitable artwork, featured exclusively here at eiwil. 5% of proceeds to fund the Natural Resources Defense Council (http://www.nrdc.org), 5% to participating eiwil artists, and an additional $1 will go to supporting the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project initiatives (http://www.southbayrestoration.org).

Zane Jones

Living in New York City, Zane Jones developed a discerning eye for photography over a successful fashion career. Zane draws on the simplicity of nature, architecture, and texture as inspiration for his luxe ‘high-fashion’ photography. Hallmarked by crisp symmetry, steeped in nostalgia and emotion, Zane’s photos bring everyday scenic imagery to life. 10%-at-cost proceeds from collection pieces to be donated to respective causes including Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance (OCRFA), New York & L.A. Foundations for the Arts, the Environmental Defense Fund, The National Center for Transgender Equality, and beyond.